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Top 3 Tennis Players
Episode 69th December 2023 • Top 3 Network • HVSPN
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Show Name: Top 3 Network

Episode Title: Top 3 Tennis Players

Episode #6

You are listening to Top 3 Network the podcast with your host(s) Logan and Co-Hosts Luke and Danyal.

In this episode of Top 3 Network the Podcast we discuss: The Top 3 Tennis Players.

Segment 1: Introduction

This is our first episode where the topic is strictly tennis. So, today we are gonna talk about a fun topic. We are talking about the players in tennis! Luke and Danyal will be listing their top 3 tennis players accordingly, and I, as the host, will be judging and ranking them in the end just like always. Ok let’s get straight to it!

Segment 2: Ranking The Top 3 Tennis Players


3: Carlos Alcaraz: Only has two grand slams but has beaten some of the best tennis players at a very young age. I think of all-time he isnt one of the best players, but currently is on track to become one of the best players to play the sport.

2: Rafeal Nadal: He is the second highest in mens grandslams at 22, he created the iconic banana forehand which allows him to get a lot of spin on the ball. He has beat many good players. Even tho he is on the tail end of his career and is suffering many injuries, he still deserves a spot on this list.

1: Novak Djokovic: He has the most mens grandslams at 24. He has been winning grandslams for a while and is the biggest threat of all-time. He has also been ranked Number 1 at the end of each year 8 different times. Getting number 1 once is insane, but getting it 8 times is bizarre.


3:Rafael Nadal-Second Highest male grandslams, play-style is great(banana forehand is iconic) greatest defensive player of all time

2: Novak Djokovic-Highest men grandslams. According to stats he is literally the best mens player of all time. 

1: Roger Federer-Third highest men grandslams. He is the most iconic and famous tennis player. The most richest too based on salary. I believe that he is just an icon and tennis and the way he made and inspired more people to play tennis/influence on the world is the biggest. He also has the most weeks as a number 1 tennis player in a row. The way he plays is like formal, and like beauty. In slow motion, its like an art watching him play. 

Segment 3: Combine and Judging

3: Roger Federer-third highest men's grand slams-the best according to stats

2: Rafael Nadal - as luke and danyal said, second highest men's grand slams

1:Novak Djokovic - as luke and danyal said he is the highest in grandslams and his career still has time left in his career, unlike nadal who is almost at the end of his career and federer who has already retired.

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