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From Full Time to Free Time: Transitioning off the Salon Floor
Episode 28822nd June 2022 • Salon Owners Collective • Larissa Macleman
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Do you ever feel like your business is a ball and chain tied to your ankle? That without you, your business would just not be the same...  You ideally would love to step off the floor a little more and spend more time with your family or the other things in your life, but how can you do this without trusting in your team to keep things moving when you aren’t there…    How can you get this balance right between being away from your Salon whilst continuing to grow a thriving business? I want to introduce Fallene Wells, owner of “Let Em Have It” Salon in Denver.   She’s is a living example of how you can transition away from  the salon floor, step into your role as the Salon CEO without sacrificing your team, or the growth of your business… In fact, Fallene moving away fom her home town, Denver USA to the gorgeous country of Spain! stepping into a new phase of being away while having full control of her business.  After the pandemic, Fallene wanted something more, her Salon needed to level up to continue to thrive.   So, if you want to set up systems and processes that allow you to create a little more space in your life for working ON your business.. more balance, maybe space for family, life outside of business... then listen in on Fallene's journey.  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Hear from a Salon Owner firsthand how she created a life of balance when running a successful business. 
  2. Learn my secret to transitioning off the salon floor 
  3. Discover how to keep things moving in your business even when you aren’t there all of the time. 

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