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Interviewing Laura Catella Georgi: Super Mom, Copywriter & 7-Figure Brand Owner | RTB#42
Episode 12614th May 2021 • The Road To A Billion • Stefan Georgi
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If you wonder what it takes to transition from freelancer to growing a 7-Figure eComm company in less than a year…

While juggling the challenges (and rewards!) of motherhood and marriage…

You CAN’T miss episode 42 of The Road to a Billion with Stefan Georgi…

The call-in show where YOU get to ask him questions about copywriting, freelancing, relationships, scaling offers, entrepreneurship, mindset, and more!

In this episode, Stefan and co-host Ed Reay are joined by super mom, poet, and badass entrepreneur - Laura Catella Georgi (who also happens to be Stefan’s wife!).

Laura is a brilliant writer and marketer - and the reason Stefan got into direct response copywriting.

From writing many of the top IM offers back in the day, to launching a 7-figure beauty company in the last year, to being a super-mom and inspiration, Laura does it all!

And in this episode, we dive deep into her powerful story and the incredibly valuable lessons and challenges she’s had along the way.

Here’s a glimpse of the mind-blowing insights you are about to discover:

• 4 ways to confidently raise your rates AND keep your clients (#1 might take a lot out of you, but works like magic!)

• The “More Roads” strategy to overcome ANY difficulty and move forward with your business when things don’t go as planned

• An NLP trick to fully engage your audience and get them excited to have your product in their hands asap

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Show notes

The 3 odd jobs Laura did after she graduated from college before she discovered copywriting.

Why door-to-door sales experience is invaluable to success as a business owner, marketer, and copywriter.

How Laura discovered copywriting and wrote a top ClickBank sales letter that was a control for 5 years, even though it was one of her first copy projects.

Laura’s top 4 tips for raising your rates as a copywriter. (Hint: One of them is a simple yet powerful one-syllable word.)

Why Laura stopped writing for clients after 10 years as a copywriter. Plus, the biggest lesson she’s learned from launching Eden Beauty, her own 7-figure luxury skincare brand.

Laura reveals 2 things about Stefan that most people don’t know.

Stefan and Laura say this ONE thing is their secret to a strong and successful relationship. Plus, Laura shares her life vision in the next 5 years.

[Breaking News] Eden Beauty just launched an exciting new skin product that’s suitable for both men and women.

Laura shares her 4 tips to successfully juggle her responsibilities as a mother, wife and entrepreneur.

How Laura learned copywriting and her favorite NLP tricks to use in a sales letter.

What Laura thinks is the BEST part of being a business owner.

Laura reveals the 4 key takeaways from taking Eden Beauty from zero to 7-figures in just 1 year.

Should you enter a niche even if it’s unproven?

Laura talks about her process for dealing with negative emotions like frustrations and self-doubt.

What Parkinson’s Law can teach mothers about project deadlines and the BIGGEST mistake most copywriters make when setting them.

[Life Update] Ed shares what he’s been working on for the past few months. (Surprise, it’s not business-related!)

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