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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker 6th March 2018
200 Arthritis & Exercise – Pain & Recovery – Perillo
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200 Arthritis & Exercise – Pain & Recovery – Perillo

Arthritis, Pain, Excercise, and Recovery

Dr. Perillo, DC is also a Fellow of The International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with a specialized focus on arthritis and chronic pain. She is affiliated with numerous professional & civic organizations and leads seminars on various health-related issues. Arthritis pain is a marker for underlying metabolic challenges.

She is featured in Self magazine as one of “27 Curative Chiropractors.” She is also nationally published in the Journal of Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, Contours Express, and Taste for Life. She has written an article, Seven Healthy Habits of Highly Productive Business Owners, in the book Big Bold Business Advice.

Our objective with Dr. Perillo's expertise: informed pain resolution with options that diminish or remove opiate abuse/dependence.

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Thanks, Dr. Perillo, for joining us here at CBJ to review your interesting insights regarding the evolution of treatment for chronic pain.

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