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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 26th November 2017
16: Power and Computer Engineer Focused on Smart Grid – Salam Bani-Ahmed
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16: Power and Computer Engineer Focused on Smart Grid – Salam Bani-Ahmed

Salam received his undergraduate and masters degrees in Computer Engineering while growing up in Jordan and is finishing up his Electrical Engineering PHD at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee focusing on Power Engineering and the Micro Grid / Renewable Energy.

He values the PHD aspect to his education as the PHD helps with problem solving techniques; you have to train your brain to solve problems. It is also important to get involved with industry/companies during college so when you graduate you have the theory along with the practical implementation side.

Back when Salam was heading off to college, he wishes he would have spent more time on the basics like physics, chemistry, and math. He also recommends that you surround yourself with people you look up to or want to aspire to and also you should never wait until the last minute, time management is so important.

The best advice came from his father who said you should not get angry, always count to 10 (or better yet 11) before responding. His father also taught Salam how to read the dictionary and still does today! At some point you will hit a bottom, that will simply force you to work harder.

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