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Soul-Inspired-Leadership - Ross Swan and Antoinette Biehlmeier 20th October 2020
Ross Unplugged, leadership, getting things done effectively through people
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Ross Unplugged, leadership, getting things done effectively through people

This series is where I discuss various aspects of leadership.

All leaders are managers. Yet not all managers are leaders. Managers who aren't leaders manage processes.

In essence you gather that information from subject matter experts, collate it and put that together. The next step for a manager is then to implement. This is where the issue of leadership starts. The desire for those people to produce what they need to produce in order for you to actually put it together as a strategy or plan won't be as strong because you're not influencing them as a leader would. 

Let's start here.

You have a strategy. You have everything built up all nicely. Now what you need to do next is to have that strategy implemented in the most effective way.

This is where the difference between being a leader or being a manager occurs.

When a manager wants to go from point A to point B vis-à-vis a leader who wants to do the same but in the most efficient effective and speediest way.

So, my analogy with the Mercedes. In business the petrol are the people. Using the high-octane super fuel or in other words the right people and mapping the closest freeway to the destination is equivalent to motivating the people creating the environment for them to operate in a good way.

A manager simply manages that process and is not focussed on the people. It just wants to get from point A to point B. It’ll never get there as quickly and, in some cases, won't even get out of the driveway due to lack of leadership.

Whereas a leader organizes the people and implement things. Without implementation It's like leaving the Mercedes in the driveway.

Implementation by influencing people is what separates leaders from managers.