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Gift Biz Unwrapped - Sue Monhait EPISODE 302, 25th January 2021
302 – What to Expect When You Join Clubhouse with Jennifer Lehner of The Front Row VIP
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302 – What to Expect When You Join Clubhouse with Jennifer Lehner of The Front Row VIP

What is Clubhouse with Jennifer Lehner of The Front Row VIPHave you heard of Clubhouse? It's a social networking app that allows you to connect with people you'd never have access to otherwise. Today's guest is here to give us all the answers about what is Clubhouse and what to expect when you join.

Jen Lehner is a business coach and digital marketing and systems strategist. She shows entrepreneurs how to build an audience, monetize their expertise online using social media and digital tools, and how to hire and train their perfect match virtual assistant.

Jen creates online courses and trainings and her favorite place to hang out is in her private mastermind, The Front Row VIP.

She lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio with her husband, three kids, and two small barking dogs.


  • Go for what you want because you don't have it now, so what do you have to lose?
  • Life is too short to sit anywhere but the front row.

What is Clubhouse

  • Clubhouse is a social networking app.
  • It is a drop-in audio chat app - sort of a cross between a podcast, webinar, and a Zoom call.
  • You’ll love Clubhouse because it’s simple, you don’t have to create new content, it’s fun, and it’s powerful.
  • Anyone in any business, niche, or industry can benefit from being on Clubhouse.
  • Currently, Clubhouse is for iPhone only and by invitation only.
  • Download and install the app now and secure your handle so you're ready when you get an invite.
  • Recommend to use your name rather than your business or cutesy handle.
  • Join as soon as you have the opportunity because it's fun, easy, and super powerful.
  • Tune in to hear more details PLUS what to do if your name is already taken!

What To Expect

  • Once you receive an invite, you can login. Whoever invited you will also be notified to welcome you.
  • When you login the first time:
  • Go to your profile and put in your most important info - what you do, contact info, and that you're new.
  • The first 3 lines of your profile are most important. <-- Hot tip!
  • Browse other people's profiles to get ideas and see how it works.
  • The keywords and emojis you use in your profile are powerful and can be searched.
  • Choose your interests - and that can include anything, not just business-related.
  • Don't be hesitant to dive in because everybody is still learning about Clubhouse.
  • "Rooms" are where the conversations happen. Think of them as a discussion.
  • There are different kinds of rooms:
  • Closed Room – invite just the people you want to be in the room.
  • Social Room – only people who can see are people following you
  • Open Room – everyone can see it and can join
  • The more you engage, the more people you follow, the more rooms you host, the more you’ll be rewarded with invites.
  • Start conversations because it’s how people find you.
  • It’s easy because you just have to be casual and conversational. Talking and speaking is the most natural thing for human beings.
  • The algorithm pays attention to who you follow and where you go and will show you more of that. So follow people you want to see content from going forward.
  • As you engage, the more conversations you’ll see in your hallway and they’ll be relevant if you follow people who you really want to follow.
  • Listen to the full conversation for SO MUCH more about Clubhouse and how it works!

Clubhouse For Product Business

  • The exact value (if any) of Clubhouse for handmade product businesses with regards to sales is still to be determined.
  • But it is definitely a value-add for lifestyle topics such as:
  • how to manage children and run a business at the same time
  • working through ADHD
  • and so on
  • Great for developing business skills such as pitching your business and overcoming imposter syndrome.
  • Perfect for networking and finding new contacts.

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