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The Real Estate Sessions - Bill Risser EPISODE 280, 20th April 2021
Episode 280 – Nina Fabbri, Director, Business Partnership Group – Home Services of America
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Episode 280 – Nina Fabbri, Director, Business Partnership Group – Home Services of America


Episode 280: 



Episode Summary:

Our guest today is Nina Fabbri, Director of the Business Partnership Group with HomeServices of America. Her role involves putting together the right partnerships in the Real Estate space to bring the most value to agents in the HomeServices of America.

In this episode, I sit with Nina, based in Miami, Florida but originally from Nicaragua. She describes her experiences starting in Real Estate and shares an overview of her work so far.

Top Takeaways: 

"I didn't realize until years later what they meant was it's the country of opportunity, right? You come here, and you start from nothing, and it's up to you. You can be whoever you want in the United States."

- [Nina Fabbri]

"There are lots of agents who say, 'How do I get into the Luxury market?', and a lot of times, it is right place right time."

- [Bill Risser]

"I think it's important to recognize the opportunities and not be afraid to take that plunge."

- [Nina Fabbri]

"You need to find a niche and fill it in order to be successful in Real Estate."

- [Nina Fabbri]

"We're at a crossroads within the Real Estate industry, right? With technology companies coming in and changing the way that the consumer buys homes."

- [Nina Fabbri]

"I feel like people are so focused on the next client that they don't focus on the current client."

- [Nina Fabbri]

"I'm a giver, just by nature, and I love to help people."

- [Nina Fabbri]

"Getting into the Real Estate industry at first is hard, but it's the hard that makes you great."

- [Nina Fabbri]

Episode Highlights:

[00:30] Intro

[01:12] Introducing our guest on today's episode, Nina Fabbri

[02:10] Nina narrates how she moved to Miami.

[06:28] About Miami, Florida, and the popular misconceptions people hold.

[07:40] Fisher Island Miami; A millionaire playground.

[09:07] How Nina started her Real Estate career, and the journey till now.

[17:37] The Real Estate Loyalty Gap 

[21:00]Being a global brand, What are some of Berkshire Hathaway's advantages to agents in the US?

[22:14] What are some of the key characteristics you're looking for when putting together a potential partnership with the company. 

[24:30] Nina describes her motivation for engaging in volunteering. 

[26:36] What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started in the business?

[27:20] How to contact Nina

[28:02] Outro

Episode Notes: 

Although born in Nicaragua, Nina narrates the events that led to her finally moving to Miami, Florida, following the unrest in her place of birth that forced them out. One of the biggest misconceptions held about Miami is that Miami is dangerous. To an extent, the impression created by the violence in the TV series "Miami Vice" may be responsible for this perception. 

Nina is part of a community called "Fisher Island," a private island in Miami only accessible by ferry or private yacht. With the membership of the private club of the island at $250,000 per annum, the island is inhabited by high net worth individuals. Also within the island is a golf course, private beach, Spa, tennis court, and other facilities.

Like many others who work in Real Estate, the profession was not the initial choice for Nina. After graduating with a business degree, she started law school with plans to work full time and got introduced to a team that was working on Fisher Island at the time. The team needed help with the legal side of their work, which was her main focus till she developed a love for Real Estate in the process and joined them. 

Emphasizing the importance of recognizing opportunities, Nina explains she had plans for cyber law but saw the chance that came her way, even though it was in Real Estate instead. She became a partner, and the name of the company changed to "Ocean Insiders." Another opportunity she observed was the need for property management since most inhabitants did not stay on the island full time. This prompted her to start a concierge property management service, which later became rentals and sales of property.

She then saw the opportunity to bring Asian investors into Miami, creating a Chinatown community, by working with AREAA. This was the journey that led her to connect with the leadership at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. 

The Real Estate Loyalty Gap: In an article by Chris Stuart, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, a study showed that 90% of buyers report they would prefer to work with the same person who helped buy their home when they were ready to sell, but in reality only a few do. With a background in Bioscience, Chris developed the IQ system, focusing on developing and sustaining an effective and influential relationship with the consumer. 

The world view of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices has the benefit of connecting agents with international clients, which is one of the ongoing projects now, involving agents from different countries worldwide. 

When creating a potential partnership with the company, Nina explains that the first step is to identify cultural synergies between both parties, including good reputation, ethics, and similar pillars in business. The second is an innovative technology to help agents and brokers compete efficiently on a global scale. Another important consideration is the ability of the partner to support such an extensive network. 

Nina shares that she naturally is interested in volunteering, as one who loves to give and help people. She has been involved with several programs, including AREAA, "Fisher Island 5k", "You and Me Together." 


Nina's advice to new agents: Start with the end in sight. How do you want to be known in the industry? Find that niche and fill it. Getting into the Real Estate industry at first is hard, but it's the hard that makes you great.

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