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A True Crypto LEGEND Tells All with Vinny Lingham (OG 022)
17th June 2022 • The Oto Gomes Crypto Show • Oto Gomes
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“Getting rich shouldn’t be a goal - it’s a byproduct of making good decisions”

Vinny Lingham is the original founder of Gyft & Civic, seed investor in Solana & Filecoin, and CEO of the new venture Waitroom. He’s witnessed the crypto space evolve and shares what ingredients make projects successful in the long term! In these dark days in the crypto market, we highlight the role of community in determining the health and viability of projects. We also cover the recent Luna crash, volatility in the market, and governmental overreach. Listen in for a TRUE EXPERT’S opinion and advice for creating sustainable wealth!


  • [03:25] Stories from the old, wild days of Bitcoin.
  • [06:02] What does Vinny think about the most recent volatility and the Luna crash?
  • [10:17] Why governmental overreach is crypto’s main threat. 
  • [14:19] Are global projects doomed to fail? Are local projects better?
  • [18:53] Is the crypto space shifting towards a content creator / influencer model?
  • [25:18] Why community is key to long term success.
  • [30:02] Are we living in systems designed for different times?
  • [34:28] What is cryptography and fractal geometry model mapping? See video on YouTube for what we are talking about here!
  • [41:20] How to persevere through this dark time in crypto.

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