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Joy Superpowers – Episode 2 – Storytelling with David Intrator
Episode 27th July 2021 • The Art and Science of Joy • Andrew Cannon
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In episode 2 of the Joy Superpowers podcast, I’m talking with David Intrator about the Joy Superpower of Storytelling. David studied music theory and composition, as well as physics at Harvard, and has had a long and illustrious career as a Creative Director in the world of advertising. As founder of the Creative Organization, David provides seminars and workshops to help individuals and organizations meet the creative and communications challenges of the 21st century. And as Founder and President of Smarter Storytelling David helps people tell their own stories in ways that are strategic, authentic and emotional. During my talk with David, we explore: - Learning to know yourself through creativity - Storytelling and creativity in business - How storytelling can influence our lives for the better To find out more about our conversation with David as well as to get some extra insight related to the Joy Superpower of Storytelling, please check out our blog here. Learn more about David's work at Smarter Storytelling and The Creative Organization, or discover his talent with the saxophone here. You can connect with David on LinkedIn as well. About the podcast: The Art and Science of Joy Podcast is all about inspiring people to live more joyfully, so if you’re seeking a bit more joy in your own life or seeking to bring some more joy to the lives of others then this podcast could well be for you! In our second podcast series, Joy Superpowers, we’ll be going through one superpower per week that you can use to live a more joy-filled life. In each episode, I’ll be inviting an expert on a particular Joy Superpower to share their words of wisdom, as we take a look at the science behind the superpower, and explore how you can apply the superpower in your own life. Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram at @theartandscienceofjoy as we continue to explore the Joy Superpowers and join the conversation. We’d love to hear your thoughts with the hashtag #joysuperpowers Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast!



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