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Learn How To Unlock The Secrets To Nutrient Rich Soil | 5 Principles | The Soil Health Summit
7th December 2018 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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I am so excited to tell you about this awesome Soil Health Summit that my past guest from episode 253 Steve Szudera put together with over 25 Expert Farmers and Gardeners talking about how to care for our soil!

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Soil Health Summit

We’ve spent the last 3 months interviewing top experts  all over the country!

Experts talking about

  • Seeds adapted to area
  • microbes –  within both our soil and our bodies
  • edile landscapes

A lot of people coming together and sharing their experience not just for soil health but a lot of things that they have done around the country that all ties back to the soil!

It all starts with the soil!

They talk about how they maintained and restore soil health and keep their projects going!

Awesome! Well let’s give listeners some specifics! Because quite a few of the people that are going to be there have been guests on the show like Lee Reich and the Kombucha Mamma and Jacqueline Freeman the treatment free beekeeper and John Montgomery and his wife Anne Bikle!

Productive agriculture

Probably one of the highlights, I’m connected to productive agriculture

4 guys traveling the U.S. on a pretty massive scale! These guys have been 20-30 years of soil health on their farming and ranching operations. But in addition to that they do gardening on a massive scale!


Dave Brandt Soil Health Consultants A True No Till Pioneer

14 acres market gardening at one time! That’s massive. Him and his wife did that, he talks about how they put that all together.


Ray Archuleta Ray Archuleta  a soil extension person.


Dr. Allen Williams has a ranch in South Georgia integrating livestock in with that which will help with people who are


as well who can take that and use that. he talks about the systems he does.

There’s two-three calls with homesteaders, including one that talks about a couple that came out 30 years ago out from Chicago!

It was pretty rough when starting out, 30 years of mistakes, they share those mistakes so people can avoid them in case people can do it or are dreaming about it.


Dreaming about it


Jerome Osentowski

Jerome Osentowski

is actually at 7200 feet, sounds like it was a steep rocky mountainside. He’s been up there for 30 years he used to market garden as well.

He moved to Colorado moved steep rocky mountains and built this climate geenhouse thing

high tunnels

put together a climate battery system

Kalispell in a school up there.

Huh, I wonder if they did it at Olney Bisell, I’ll have to look into that?

He talks about that in his call as well, he actually grows Bananas at 7200 feet and lots of other trees and plants he grows all year round! It gets pretty cold there. It’s pretty amazing what he does! We have some things on  seeds too!

Terri & Randy Brim

Brims in Waco Texas

familiar with Bill as well. Both these people work in this heritage seed thing, bringing seeds to people!


Bill McDorman Rocky Mountain Seeds Soil Health Summit

more Bill McDorman talks about adapting seeds to area is so crucial! Looking for that seed!

You might be looking for as well. With your short growing season and you shared some things with me about growing in your shaded areas.

It might not seem so intuitive but it’s all about the seed! I certainly get that. This is adapting seed just by growing it.

Bill told me I think he did a workshop somewhere around Pheonix before our call, and he sold loads and loads of seed at that workshop because he’s such an expert in that area and he knows what does best in what areas.

If you go on their website which is on the call, you can actually look at those areas that he has on that map and you can figure out where your at and what seed is reproducing  in that area.


Yeah! He was a fantastic guest and he did a workshop up here and we’ve grown lots of things from his seeds we couldn’t normally. Mike get’s some short season corn adapted to the Rocky Mountains and also he grew a watermelon and cantaloupe from seeds I got from them.

Bill McDorman at the PennyRoyal Collective


You didn’t mention me!




You were the first call kind of cutting our teeth

first into the podcast

you and I have connected a lot since and just what you do in NW Montana with your husband Mike then spreading the word about organic side.

The path to

A lot of these soil experts start to focus on nutrient density and just growing good food through the summit a on a path about nutrient density of food


Dr. Allen Williams in Chico, CA Chico campfire and they were right in the middle of the episode with the campfire out there, and he said you just can’t imagine!

They had to postponed days of their workshop. But the big thing is more about where they landed down there, they were on their drive to the workshop didn’t see a bit of cover crops on a 2-21/2 hour drive didn’t see a bit of ground cover!

There’s a lot of market farming and produce grown there that is shipped all over the country for market farmers. They are talking a lot about and Allen has this farm in Georgia, it’s a ranch but the  main focus is the frost health nutrient density. People need to understand

We need to feed the soil!

First is to keep that Armor Layer there!


no till 

Gabe Brown

Soil health Acadmey


5 principles

No matter where they travel around the US or globe

If we feed the soil feeds us it feeds our our plants that natural nutrient density back do that through soil health. That’s kind of the main topic that came out of the soil health summit, we need that food to get that nutrient density back

IMG_1838 IMG_2534 IMG_3037 IMG_3069

You shared on our call how you and your husband are doing cover crops and different things, just establishing cover crops like you do and leaving them stand or breaking them off so we have that armored layer on top of the soil!

IMG_0564green manure wheat crop IMG_2937

Armored layer of soil

Whatever we can do to leave those living roots through growing cycle all the way in the spring all the way up until freeze up in south living roots

I get really excited with people doing that because that is so

key to live a healthy lives

and there’s a great source of abundance to living we can have!

I’m so glad you said that, and I just feel like its cause of my great guests like you that I have learned all this since I started my podcast. I mean I knew some things, certainly like I said, Mike’s been gardening here for 25 years now but not anywhere what I do now about soil health and nutrient density.

A lot of my listeners are going to know a lot of this, but what they might have learned is how much easier it is to do! I know a lot of my listeners are going to love this summit!

Tell them the details! They’re audio files that listeners can download, there’s the website soil health summit at tabletop farmer and they register and then they can go to the website next week and download the files or how is that all going to work?

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 10.42.46 AM

Soil health summit

First off if they go to

  • We will be releasing starting on December 12th, 2-3 speakers a day all until 21st 
  • Then on the 21st all speakers will be up on page

You register there at

And then you will be sent a link to access

mix a variety a lot of fermenting

Kirsten Shockey.png


Anne Bikle

Her husband David Montgomery who was in episode 186

has a geologist

human microbes and how we need to take about those.

Along with the

The process that we are going to mix these up a bit so we don’t have all one type of person on one day.

It’s a great groups of speakers Maybe I’ll do some replays of episodes of some of the people that are going to be there! You were just on November 11, 2018 episode 253  you can listen to my interview with Steve Szudera!

I’m excited to listen because we did that a long time ago and I want to remember what we talked about.

It’s a relaxed call and there’s loads and loads of information here.

And it’s all free!

You can go to that website now and see the speakers and talkers! It’s so important I’m so excited you put this all together! People are more interested I feel like people have been asking me more to answer questions and do interviews! I’m so excited people are learning about it and getting interested! I’m starting to get more comfortable talking! I’m glad people are applying these best practices. 

Lentil Underground Book

That’s so sad that in California they had all that land that was barren, I think that’s why Liz Carlisle wrote her book the Lentil Underground questioning if we know these are best practices why don’t we follow them? I think we might have talked about this on my call!

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