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203 An ADHD Journey – On The Path With Rick Green
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203 An ADHD Journey – On The Path With Rick Green

On The ADHD Recovery Path With Rick Green

Rick Green, CM, OOnt, BSc., is the creator of the popular website TotallyADD.com, plus two ground-breaking documentaries on adult ADHD: ADD & Loving It?! and ADD & Mastering It!

ADD & Loving It?!, which became a runaway hit on PBS, has earned critical acclaim, a New York Festivals award for Best Medical Documentary, and kudos from experts, doctors, and adults with ADHD worldwide. The Centre For Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH) Foundation gave Rick their Celebrity Transforming Lives Award, asserting that, “In one hour this program will transform how we view this disorder.”

It did. Fans have sent thousands of emails thanking Rick for bringing humor and humanity to adults struggling with ADHD/ADD – Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder.

Rick's Service to the ADHD Community

Since then, Rick has produced scores of videos for TotallyADD.com, on every aspect of this neurodevelopmental disorder, featuring 75 of the world’s best ADHD experts. These include videos on the Power of a Holistic approach to ADHD, and a video about the role of a certified Coach who understands ADHD, something Rick knows first hand.

He is passionate about being an advocate for adults with ADHD and has spoken to a wide range of audiences. Rick has hosted webinars, been a guest on podcasts and television shows, and has delivered many keynote speeches, workshops, presentations, as well as writing and performing his one-man show: My Award-Winning, Coast-To-Coast, Internationally Acclaimed Mental Disorder.

Rick is at once a dear friend and esteemed colleague, who with humility and good humor is correcting pervasive stigma and biases that interfere with effective ADHD/Executive Function Diagnosis and Treatment globally.

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Thanks, Rick, for joining us here at CBJ to review your years of evolved understanding ADHD and work to diminish the stigma of this pervasively misunderstood set of cognitive, developmental challenges. Improved executive functions do help at any age.

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