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Corbin vs. The World - Corbin David Albaugh and NoCo FM 4th May 2019
CVTW 034: Schrodinger's Music Festival
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CVTW 034: Schrodinger's Music Festival

TONIGHT on a new episode of Corbin vs. The World, our hero demonstrates an example of quantum mechanics through the story of Woodstock 50, a festival that is both alive and dead at the same time. Do we have the next Fyre Festival on our hands? What does the rap group Das Racist and Burger King have in common? Who should voice Shadow in the inevitable sequel to the Sonic movie? Find out tonight on an all new episode at 6 MT on NoCo FM! Featuring tunes by Sundara Karma, Aldous Harding, Potty Mouth, and more!

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Hosted by Corbin David Albaugh. Produced by Chris Lanphear for NoCo FM.
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Special thanks to Treemotel for our theme song, "Alien Trill"

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