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1.5 Storm Front: Are You Really Gonna Drink That?
Episode 523rd April 2021 • McAnally's Pubcast • Free Flow Rambling
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McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files Podcast

Episode 5: Are You Really Gonna Drink That?

We are discussing Chapter 8 in which we meet Mister and Bob

Storm Front Chapter 8 Summary

Harry heads home from his lakeside adventure and decides to get his geek on. He’s basically a wizard nerd, lacking any other particular skills or interests, so he decides to whip up some potions to help settle his nerves and, y’know, maybe come up with something useful to have in the field. Much to our delight we discover that Harry has a sassy little lab assistant in the form of a talking skull, whom Harry has dubbed ‘Bob’. Like Harry, Bob uses sarcasm liberally, loves to crack wise, and bust Harry’s chops every chance he gets. He also doesn’t forget anything. Ever. This comes in handy for our tech-challenged hero, who can’t just hop onto the web and visit (source: Angel S1E16). Dresden would like to do up a simple escape draught, but, since “there’s always room to make two, if you’re making one” Bob berates Harry into agreeing to make a love potion as well. Once done with those, Harry is mentally and physically drained enough to hit the sack and pass out for a few hours of much-needed rest.