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The Biz Geek - Regina Drury 9th May 2017
TBG003-Anna Cebrian - The Comic Book Geek
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TBG003-Anna Cebrian - The Comic Book Geek

The Biz Geek 003- Anna Cebrian: Illusive Comics and Games

Anna Cebrian is a self-described queen, but not in the typical, regal sense. No, Anna describes herself as a queen of all she surveys, and most of that is simultaneously tied into her love of all things geek and all things business. Between her comics and her publishing company, it’s no surprise that Anna is a busy woman, but she is also an involved mother and wife. Today, Anna shares the fascinating story of how she began a career in comic books through trials and tribulations, how her unique business model works for her, and how her personal and professional lives mesh together.


Make sure to tune in for all of this and more on this episode of The Biz Geek!


  • How did Anna become integrated in the world of comic books?
  • What did Anna do in the wake of the recession to save her business?
  • How being a woman significantly impacts Anna’s view on business, and customer interaction.
  • The level of commitment Anna manages, and her self-care routine.
  • How to create a system of family and community among staff.
  • Anna’s tips on how to hire the best people for her store!


Tweetable: “I sort of had to invent my own job!” -Anna Cebrian



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