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Ask Ortho - Eric Turkington and Kim Conti [RR 815]
Episode 81517th January 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Let's talk about voice assistants for employee efficiency. Technicians need quick and reliable access to accurate data for servicing vehicles. What if they could stay in their bay and ask 'Hey Ortho' to check fluid types and receive a response within seconds? Join Eric Turkington, Vice President of Growth, and Kim Conti, Vice President of Product, as they discuss Ortho, the next high tech tool for the automotive industry. Eric Turkington, VP of Growth, Ortho Kim Conti, VP of Product, Ortho Show Notes
  • Voice assistant for technicians
  • The efficiency of data access in the technology industry
  • Accessing OEM database
  • The awake word ‘Hey Ortho’
  • Focused on loading the right vehicle for the technician, and in some cases even integrated with shop management systems
  • The vast majority of people who actually do use voice tech in their personal lives are actually doing it to generate efficiency
  • Connected to the cloud, to get real-time information
  • Ortho has 150 specific questions to ask- specifications around breakers, repair fluid types, and fluid.
  • Future context- service advisor using Ortho for recommended maintenance
  • Soft keyboard built-in
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