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My Bible Study - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 28
Genesis Chapter Six Verses 3-8
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Genesis Chapter Six Verses 3-8

But notice here that all of this happened as mankind slipped from seeking God and in the end, they end up seeking demons. Footholds of Satan can become strongholds. What do I mean by foothold? A foothold is giving the devil a place to work and room to operate. 

When does a foothold become a stronghold? A stronghold is a mindset of hopelessness that causes me to see something that is contrary to God’s Word as unchangeable.

It may sound complex, but it is simple. It is the attitude that says with a certain sinful behavior, “This is simply who I am. I cannot change.” 

We see that in the degradation of society today. Satan is still at work trying to destroy God's plan for marriage between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN. The homosexual revolution, transgenderism and all of that depravity is just the plan of Satan being forced into an "acceptance" by society.

Is it any wonder the world is being turned on its head?

Try and stand against the depravity being forced on society today and you will find yourself in the cross-hairs of demon possessed politicians, activists, media, etc. who consider you a threat! A threat to what? Their demonic lifestyle.

This is the reason the FLOOD came. God had seen enough.

When God said, "Mans days would be 120 years" in verse 3, He was not stipulating how long we should live. He was saying they would have 120 years to repent and turn back to Him.

Remember Jonah preaching to Nineveh? The city repented and God relented. He was offering the same type of thing to the world in Noah's day, but they refused to listen. The result: JUDGEMENT.

According the Bible, the same thing is happening right now (as spelled out in the end days scenario).

The Cross helps us to understand Genesis 6:7. Sin MUST be paid for and God MUST judge sin. There is no "half measure" when God deals with sin. It cost Jesus, the Son of God, His life! Do you really think we will somehow have our sin "winked at" if we do not repent and ask Jesus to forgive us?

"He who knew no sin but became sin" (and thus was judged for sin) would somehow make it possible for us to live the way "we want" and never have to answer for it?

In one word: NO.

In verse 8, notice Noah finds favor. It was not earned. It was given, but Noah had to FIND it. God was "giving Grace" to everyone. Only Noah FOUND IT.

Are you looking for God's Grace? You can only FIND something IF you are LOOKING for it!

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