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Be Your Best Self ~ Audio Article
14th April 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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When will you decide to become more of who you can be… to be your best self?

There are popular memes around the concept that says, “You are enough just as you are.” You are enough. But don’t buy into that meme that would hold you back and keep you from becoming all that you can become.

Consider the rosebush before it blooms. The rosebush just as it is, is full, green and beautiful. It is enough, just as it is. But… it’s not all that it can be.

The rosebush is beautiful, the leaves and buds are beautiful. Even the thorns are beautiful for the role they play in the scheme of things toward protecting the rose. However, the rosebush hasn’t yet fulfilled it’s ultimate destiny until it is flourishing in roses.

Well, it’s the same for us.