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152: How to create a stress-free life with Charlotte Stebbing-Mills and Jonathan Mills
Episode 1524th April 2022 • Mama Earth Talk • Mariska Nell
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In this episode, we talk to Charlotte Stebbing-Mills and Jonathan Mills. They are both Master Coaches and the Co-Founders of the Wellness Theory. With over 35+ years combined in health, fitness and wellness; this duo has been empowering individuals all over the world to become happier, healthier versions of themselves. They coach under 45s to eliminate stress, calm a racing mind, feel in control of emotions & build a healthy, meaningful life. They are also the podcast hosts of Stress Relief in your pocket with the Wellness Theory. 

During this episode we take a look into stress and why it is important for us to understand stress and unhealthy stress. They also provide us with a bit of a deep dive into the three different levels of stress management as well as provide us with a great breathing exercise you can do right now to align more with Mama Earth as well.  

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“When we are healthy and well, we can become a force for good in the world.”