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That Thing About Alchemy and the Female Nomad
Episode 15128th January 2022 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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In this episode: What do you get when you marry art and science, through the tempering process of a unique spiritual knowledge, with practical living experience? You bridge the gap between philosophy and real-life experiences, within the pages of a guidebook that can help you understand that "Living Through Alchemy – can create a transformational journey to freedom." Stay tuned in this episode we’re going to have a conversation with a woman who did just that anymore I’m your host Michael Herst and this is That Thing About Alchemy and the Female Nomad.

My guest in this episode is Vi Vi Thai, she is a writer, truth seeker, healer and fearlessly determined to live a free lifestyle regardless of others’ opinions. She was an international student here in the United States earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Texas A & M University and a Master of Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University. She worked here as well, up until her visa ended, and she moved to Canada  to start a new life as an immigrant from Vietnam and embarked on a one of a kind nomadic journey. It was then that she uncovered her true life’s purpose, and helps others to find their path of freedom to live their authentic selves because only then ,can we all be living a fulfilled life of happiness. Find more and how to get ViVi's book here on the website

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