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Cambodians—Do you know what happens to unprocessed trauma? (Jennifer Huong, S1, Ep 11)
Episode 119th January 2023 • Healthcare for Humans • Kumara Raja Sundar
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This is Part II of our conversation on the Cambodian community with Jennifer Huong, a DSHS-certified Khmer interpreter and one of the founders of the Khmer Health Board Member. She was born in Kampong Cham, raised in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, escaped to Thailand refugee camps in 1981 and resettled in Salem, Oregon in mid-July 1983.  She has been advocating for the community for the last 30 years as a Cultural Mediator/Caseworker and Medical Interpreter. 

In this conversation, you will  

  • Understand how unprocessed trauma manifests
  • Hear how the lack of community spaces can lead to further isolation
  • Learn how a complex healthcare system can undermine the care that clinicians are trying to provide and what it means to listen and ask about items not on the initial “agenda” 

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