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PASS Summit Wrap Up and Frank’s Big News
9th November 2017 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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Frank and Andy chat about the people and things Andy saw at this year’s PASS Summit and Frank talks about his appearance on another data science podcast.


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Notable Quotes

Andys excellent PASS Summit 2017 Adventure ([0:58])
Frank responded well ([6:20])
Podcast Websites rock! ([9:00])
Frank got it working ([11:50])
Azure Data Science VM ([14:20])
“How much does that cost?” ([15:15])
“How big is that row?” ([17:15])
On delivering Microsoft demos… ([18:05])
I am Frank’s hero! ([20:30])
Biml in the PASS Summit 2017 Day 1 Keynote. ([20:50])
“Stealth Biml…” ([21:40])
The Biml Book ([22:00])
Frank’s Book! ([23:50])
Kevin Hazzard shout-out ([26:00])
Kevin’s post about database designs
Rimma Nehme on CosmosDB, Planet-Scale Applications, and Selling Door-to-Door ([27:45])
“There are smart people presenting in other rooms.” ([31:45])
Eugene loves the show! ([33:00])
…he’s definitely a data scientist.” ([34:00])
THE Frank La Vigne ([35:30])
The Data Driven Facebook page ([36:00])
The now-famous Dunkin Donuts Incident ([36:45])
The Economist Facebook Live ([37:20])
The Data Podcast by Rajib Bahar ([37:45])
Book reference: The Future of the Mind by Michio Kaku ([39:30])
Does Andy really exist? ([41:41])
The Data Driven ([44:30])
Frank spends quality time thinking on the beltway… ([47:15])
Pod-fade ([49:00])
On editing… ([50:00])
What does one call a wizard in training? ([53:00])




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