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Mental Health 101: Terms to Know
Episode 628th February 2023 • Roadmap to Joy: A Mental Health Podcast • Embark Behavioral Heatlh
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In this episode of “Roadmap to Joy,” we shed light on some important terms surrounding mental health and therapy. Your host, Jake Sparks, treatment director at Embark Behavioral Health and guest, Rob Gent, Chief Clinical Officer at Embark Behavioral Health, will discuss what attachment, trauma, shame, and co-regulation mean and how building a mental health vocabulary can help adolescents, teens, and young adults on their healing journey.   

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Guest and Host Bios:

Jake Sparks is a marriage and family therapist who has spent the past decade working with often suicidal adolescents and their parents in their journey toward health and healing. During this time, Jake has been a clinician and the clinical director of several adolescent programs. He’s the treatment director at Embark Behavioral Health, where he works with the some of the nation’s best and brightest clinicians. Jake’s approach to therapy is centered on the role of relationship and attachment in the context of families. He believes that when authenticity and vulnerability are met with acceptance and empathy, people thrive! 

Rob Gent, a licensed professional counselor with a master’s degree, is the chief clinical officer and one of the founding members of Embark Behavioral Health. Rob has been with the company for 15 years and has led the Embark organization in clinical development and the growth of numerous programs. He’s the lead developer of the proprietary CASA Developmental Framework, used throughout Embark’s programs to create therapeutic relationships. 

  Through his dedication to advancing clinical development, practice, and research, Rob has become a nationally recognized expert in the behavioral health field. His specialization in clinical development is enhanced by his therapeutic expertise and has yielded accomplishments such as developing the CASA Developmental Framework, Vive Family Intensive Program, Calo Preteens, the Canine Attachment Therapy-Transferable Attachment Program, and other specialized programs. 

  Rob’s dedication has led him to pursue his doctorate in psychology, with an emphasis on development and attachment. He remains passionate about neurological, psychological, and physiological development and continues to focus on advancing research and the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. 

  Rob lives in Tempe, Arizona, with his wife and two boys. 

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Embark has been helping people overcome behavioral health issues that may be affecting their everyday lives for over 25 years.   

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