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Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo - Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo 22nd June 2020
ep.149 How to organise your life for success and fulfilment, with Dr Michael Gervais
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ep.149 How to organise your life for success and fulfilment, with Dr Michael Gervais

If you care about optimising your mindset and mastering tools and strategies to improve your life and your performance, you're going to love this episode!

This is Mike's second time on the show and he blew our minds way back in episode 54. If you haven't invested your time into that one, do yourself a favour: yourlifeofimpact.com/michaelgervais

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to enhance your confidence
  • What Covid-19 and has taught Mike about himself and the world
  • Why the world's best athletes, performers and business people don’t lose sight of their goals and visions even when their craft is taken away from them.
  • Why fundamentally organising your life is THE key to achieving “success” in your life
  • Common misconceptions about mindset training
  • Breathwork associated with visualisation practices
  • The power and importance of Purpose, Mission and Philosophy.
  • How you can complete his Compete To Create online program and his new book of this version is coming out, which i’ve already pre-ordered on audible and i’m frikken excited about!
  • And plenty more gold knowledge bombs.

I've listened to this episode twice after recording and taken notes each time!!!

Don't forget we cover bonus questions and material in our instagram live which can be found on my IGTV: @brettrobbo1

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