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Road to Family Freedom - Neil and Brittany Henderson EPISODE 105, 23rd May 2021
Passive Real Estate Investing Strategies with Alka Kumar
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Passive Real Estate Investing Strategies with Alka Kumar

In this episode, we talk to Alka Kumar about how concerns over burnout as a doctor led her to pursue additional streams of passive income, how she scaled after buying that first single-family rental, how she purchased a small mobile home park using her self-directed retirement account, and why she is focused on investing passively in real estate syndications.

Alka Kumar of YourWealthMD.com came to the United States from India with $40 in her pocket. Fast forward to today and she has been making a comfortable living working as a physician for the last 30 plus years. A few years ago, she realized that she was overworked and heading towards burnout. This forced her to look for passive and semi-passive sources of income which led her to real estate. She has now switched to working part-time as a physician and spends her free time focusing on expanding her real estate portfolio. That currently includes a local rental portfolio, a small mobile home park, and numerous passive real estate syndications.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why high-income earners such as doctors, lawyers, corporate executives would want to pursue passive real estate investing
  • Why she chose to purchase a rental property in a coastal community with cash
  • How she went about scaling her real estate portfolio after that first single-family rental
  • Why she transitioned out of buying single-family rentals
  • And much more!

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