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A Honestly Unfiltered Interview with Tino's Dad -Joe Franco of The Bachelorette
Episode 321st September 2022 • The Honestly Unfiltered Podcast • Jeni Thomas
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If you follow ABC's The Bachelorette or Entertainment News, you know there was quite a fuss a couple of weeks ago when Tino Franco brought Rachel Recchia home to meet his parents. Joe asked his possible future Daughter-In-Law some tough questions. As a parent, he was concerned that the relationship would not sustain out of the Love Bubble manufactured by the producers of The Bachelorette. What happened next was something that no one in his family could have ever imagined. They became trending entertainment news! Targeted by fans, they received hate messages, and Joe's appearance was made fun of. Things worsened when Joe played along on social media because people did not realize he was kidding.

Joe's family put him in Social Media Jail until after The Bachelorette Finale aired, but they forgot to take away his microphone! We sat down with Joe the day before The Bachelorette Finale aired on ABC to discuss the drama. It turns out that Joe was misunderstood. He could not be nicer!

Listen along as Joe tells us where he was coming from as a parent. How did he react when Tino arrived home with the news of his and Rachel's Engagement? Why he wore the yellow "Star Trek" shirt on National Television and the meaning behind the shirt to his family. And, finally, why was it vital that he correct Jesse Palmer for saying Tino was Italian and not of Mexican heritage?


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