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Making Twi a Household language, Integrating African Culture & Identity in Mixed Heritage Families: The Birth of Destination Africa
Episode 7Bonus Episode27th August 2023 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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In this episode snippet, Adrian and Michael discuss the importance of passing on your culture, heritage and the language of your parents to your children. In this instance, passing on Twi to their kids. 

We also explore the dangers of not teaching kids your foreign language and the benefits and advantages for them when they grow up or want to invest and relocate in Ghana or the African Continent.

When you translate a language, sometimes you lose the full meaning of that language.

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Timestamps of full episode:

0:00 Intro

0:55 Icebreaker

2:30 What is Destination Africa

4:00 Afroparenting

6:00 Learning fluent Twi and Portuguese

8:14 Passing on Twi to kids

12:00 Will Twi become Extinct

14:00 Moving to Ghana during Year of Return

15:10 Why destination Africa

16:40 Investing in kids and relocating to Africa

19:30 Why Ghana needs Destination Africa

20:50 Loving where you are from and who you are

22:20 Jellof rice Challenge

25:50 Business Model

26:45 Who Destination Africa is for

27:20 Destination Africa Academy

29:30 Modules

30:00 Building the next global Africa

31:00 Sankofa

33:00 Speaking Twi

37:00 2023 plans

38:25 Tips for African Parents

40:00 Announcements, Outro and links


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