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The Incredible Story of Rico Corrubia
Episode 31st March 2022 • Our Fighting Spirit • Anthony Frank Gigante
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After finishing film school, Rico Corrubia was doing drama therapy at the Children's Hospital in Washington DC to help families navigate the tough process of having their kids hospitalized. Although he felt his life wasn't moving in any particular direction, he had decided to get an advanced degree. 

Before going back to school, a friend convinced him to take a summer job in Atlantic City. The payment was excellent, and he would work in sound production, so he decided to give it a shot. Rico immediately fell in love with the community and atmosphere, and he mastered the craft in no time. The next thing he knew, he was behind a console, and on the stage, Frank Sinatra was singing. 

Fast forward many years, Rico became a legend in the entertainment industry; he worked and traveled the world with stars like Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli, Christina Aguilera, and Michael Crawford, to name a few. Rico also worked in Broadway with Andrew Lloyd Webber and charitable functions like "Broadway Barks" and "Rockers on Broadway." But one day, he felt a slight discomfort in the chest, which was diagnosed as a pulled shoulder muscle, and ended up being an aneurysm. The diagnosis felt like a kick in the teeth to Rico and his family, but unfortunately, the challenges he would have to face were just warming up.

In this episode, I'm joined by Rico Corrubia and his family, his wife Rebecca, and his son Lucas. We delve into Rico's unfortunate outcome spawned by the defective care he received at the hospital after his open-heart surgery. Together, we go through the entire process he and his family went through, dealing with the hospital's negligence that cost him his fingers and toes and the lack of accountability from the hospital's authorities. 


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