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Child Soldiers: Part 2
Episode 515th December 2021 • Speaking for the Silenced • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Show Name:  Speaking for the Silenced

Episode 4:  Child Soldiers: Part 2

Tune into this week’s episode of #SpeakingfortheSilenced!

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In this episode of Speaking for the Silenced, we will finish a two-part segment discussing child soldiers and their roles in wars. This week’s episode will focus on the country of Yemen specifically, a place infamous for their frequent employment of children in fighting. Yemen is a desert country in Western Asia.

Segment 1: Background

  • Yemeni Civil War fought between Houthi Rebels and Saudi Arabia starting in 2014
  • In 2011, there had been political uprising, led to the war
  • Now given support by Iran, a Shia majority nation
  • Shia and Sunni Muslim divide + conflict
  • Yemeni Civil War predicted to end quickly, continues today
  • Both sides exploit child soldiers

Segment 2:  Set-Up for Child Soldiers

  • Villages left impoverished, no food/resources, disease
  • Houthis and Saudi Arabia coalition take advantage of this, target the villages
  • Offer jobs to the unknowing children before throwing them into the war
  • Houthis engage in form of indoctrination in summer camps
  • Make fighting out to be a holy, noble purpose
  • In 2020, the UN had counted 163 cases of children being turned into soldiers by Yemen.
  • In 2021, Houthis have continued their advancement
  • US is trying to pull out of support for Saudi coalition

Segment 3:  What Has Been Done

  • Organizations and groups are fighting child soldiers in Yemen
  • Believe it violates International Criminal Court’s Rome Statute ban on child soldiers
  • Trying to have the UN intervene
  • CRUCSY program that reintegrates children
  • Prioritizes safety and assimilation
  • Issue is at its roots connected to the Civil War, so hard to pinpoint exact solution
  • Visit the Children And Armed Conflict UN website or the Borgen Project to learn more about the issue.

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