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The Curious Cats Podcast - Ricky Spiers & Chris Wharton 17th December 2018
Episode 007 – Your words have power with Ricky Manetta
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Episode 007 – Your words have power with Ricky Manetta

In Episode 007 we sit down with Ricky Manetta… Ricky is the founder and senior instructor of MMA KRAV MAGA which he teaches out of his gym, Synergy Fitness in Essex. Ricky also runs an anti bullying campaign spreading awareness of this in schools and places of work worldwide. On top of this Ricky also teaches self defence to large corporations and multiple taxi organisations – he fits all of this in when he isn’t coordinating for the UFC!

We talk to Ricky about his background and how he was bullied as a kid, getting in to gangs and crime, wake up calls, bullying, his coordination role for the UFC, his teaching plus much more… You can learn more about Ricky at his website – MMAKRAVMAGA.COM

His face book Ricky Manetta

Insta @mmakravmaga

And his Gym Synergy Fitness