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246 Gut Immunity, Testing and Brain Dysfunction – Jaffe
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246 Gut Immunity, Testing and Brain Dysfunction – Jaffe

Gut Immunity - Testing To Correct Brain Dysfunction

If words are not things, or maps are not the actual territory, then, obviously, the only possible link between the objective world and the linguistic world is found in structure, and structure alone.
~ Alfred Korzybski

Dr. Russell Jaffe received his BS, MD, and Ph.D. from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1972. He completed residency training in clinical chemistry at the National Institutes of Health (1973 – 1976), remaining on the permanent senior staff until 1979. He is board certified in Clinical Pathology and Chemical Pathology. In this CBJ/246, his second interview at CBJ [155], we discuss a variety of issues regarding measuring gut immunity in relation to brain function. Yes, you got it - immunity matters with brain function, and Dr. Jaffe is a global expert on that essential connection.

As a physician and scientist who aspired to be comprehensive, objective, empiric and experiential, Dr. Jaffe started his career searching for deeper understanding, wisdom, evidence, and insight into mechanisms of health. Through intense curiosity and learned skepticism, Dr. Jaffe sought to debunk the best-known advocates of a variety of health promotion and healing systems. What started as a journey to disprove holistic forms of care became a rich educational experience that transformed Dr. Jaffe into a student and then a researcher in such areas a Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, active meditation, homeopathy, and manipulative arts.

His transformation provides principles for your own.

Listen To His Views Here on DeCartian Dualistic Thinking

Honored as an International Scientist of 2003 by the IBC, Oxford, England, the UK for his lifetime contributions to clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, methodology, and integrative health policy, Dr. Jaffe is appreciative of the recognition of his peers. He currently serves on the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology and coordinates its certification training program. America’s Top Physicians 2005, Who’s Who in America; Who’s Who in Medicine and Science; Who’s Who in Business and Engineering all have included him in recognition of his contributions to science and community.

Dr. Jaffe is the recipient of the Merck, Sharp & Dohm Excellence in Research Award, the J.D. Lane Award, and the U.S.P.H.S. Meritorious Service Award. He teaches and lectures widely on nutritional immunology and treatment guidelines for chronic autoimmune and immune dysfunction syndromes and has helped elucidate the causes and consequences of immune defense and repair functions in health and disease.

Dr. Jaffe's Works

Dr. Jaffe’s practical contributions to clinical medicine and to healthcare policy focus on functional, predictive tests and procedures designed to improve the precision of both diagnosis and of treatment outcomes; he has authored nearly 100 articles on the subject. Examples of his contributions to molecular biology and clinical diagnostics include:

  • Early colon cancer detection tests
  • Predictive tests of cardiovascular health and function based on changes in blood clotting and systemic repair status
  • Quantification of the number of concurrent platelet binding sites needed for collagen to activate platelet-induced blood clotting
  • Identification of the mechanism that controls collagen activation of platelets
  • Antigen ultra-purification for use in high sensitivity immunology assays
  • Mechanism of connective tissue cross-link inhibition by d-penicillamine
  • Predictive tests of immune function and hypersensitivity / delayed allergy
  • Predictive tests of nutritional/metabolic function - Discussed here

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Jaffe - Functional Immunology | 54:58 Min


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Thanks, Dr. Jaffe, for joining us here at CBJ to review your interesting overview of insights that provide a structure to understand brain, body and gut immunity - and what to do about those challenges.

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