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Embracing Calculated Risks: K. Scott Griffith on Thriving In Times of Uncertainty
13th November 2023 • The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry • Todd Henry
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In this episode, we dive deep into the world of risk management for creative pros and leaders with seasoned expert K. Scott Griffith, author of "The Leader's Guide to Risk Management." We discuss the importance of understanding risk, how to spot and manage it effectively, and why risk management is essential for leaders. Griffith shares insights on the types of reliability and the importance of focusing on predictive behavior rather than consequential outcomes.

Key learnings from the episode:

1. Risk is inherent in everything we do, and managing it effectively is essential for success.

2. Successful leaders are often risk-takers, but it's important to be smart and calculated in taking risks.

3. Understanding the nature of risk and distinguishing between real risk and artificially escalated perception is crucial.

4. Focusing on system reliability, human behavior, and organizational culture in that order is vital for effective risk management.

5. Building a trusted environment for employees to report risks and working collaboratively to assess and address them can lead to positive behavioral changes and resilience.

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