#114 How to Become a Steward of Change and Build Collective Responsibility with Trevor Comyn
Episode 11421st February 2022 • MeetMyPotential • Deepa Natarajan
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Change agents can be a buzzword, and you may want to be one. But have you ever thought about how humans have acted as agents of change towards this planet? Instead of listening to nature and letting it show us the best way, we have created and controlled nature. Now shift this metaphor to you and your organization. Are you taking responsibility for your development? What would it look like if the collective group allowed you to figure out the best way for you to grow? 

What does it mean to shift from being Agents of Change to Stewards of Change? This is a paradigm shift. How can we unfold the potential within each of us? Listen to this conversation with Trevor Comyn and Deepa to start exploring these ideas. 

Trevor’s Tips for Rewilding Leadership:

  • Rewilding Leadership is a metaphor taken from agriculture. It is a concept to play with.
  • Instead of bending nature to our will, we can become stewards and allow nature to show us the way. This is believing and trusting in the cyclic nature of life.  
  • In this stewardship model, ownership is taken by the individual and collective responsibility is in the system. 
  • Before starting development, it is important to start with why. Why are we developing? 
  • Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the shift needed in the person.
  • It is important for everyone to feel psychological safety in order to encourage personal development within an organization.
  • Collective learning is the key to sustain change and keep accountability. 

Becoming a part of a community that has a shared goal is the best way to grow. We can read all of the books and articles on developing leadership, but until you start an open conversation with others you won’t be able to fully integrate all of your learning. You are part of this learning community, thank you for listening and please let us know how we can best support you.

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About Trevor

Trevor Comyn is the Director of Knowledge, Learning and Development at Mills and Reeve, where he has been for over 16 years. He is currently focused on developing a deeper understanding of adult development theory. Trevor is a systemic coach and believes team coaching can deliver meaningful results for both organizations and individuals.

Thanks for listening and stay cool! 

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