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Man in the Making - Rokas Stasiulaitis EPISODE 42, 5th August 2020
Embracing Chaos - a conversation with Fidel Maza
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Embracing Chaos - a conversation with Fidel Maza

Today's episode covers: What Fidel is all about (wellness coach, religion, plant-based, yoga, meditation, martial arts); holistic wellness; why Rajan chose Hinduism; the path; dealing with failure; self-mastery; desire vs morals; subjective world; superconciousness; trying to fit in the mould, and changing your paradigm.

For more about Fidel Maza see:

Instagram/Twitter: @FidelMaza

Facebook: Fidel Maza

Email: Lnbfidelmaza@gmail.com

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Website: Rajanshankara.com

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