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#76. Social Media as a Way to Communicate the Gospel
Episode 769th May 2023 • Our Urban Voices • Dr. Alfonse Javed
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Josh Collins serves with Global Gates. Having completed social media training just before pandemic-related lockdowns, he was prepared to communicate the gospel online. He shares some of the big differences between social media outreach and being in person.

Plus, he offers ways you or your church can meaningfully communicate the gospel on line.


  • Three things Christ-followers can do and one thing not to do when sharing the gospel online
  • Two of the biggest challenges of ministry in cities like NYC
  • About the difference in disciplining a new believer from an online connection


Josh and his family moved to New York City in 2012 to work with Global Gates among the 100,000+ immigrants from Bangladesh. He has experience living and working in India among South Asian Muslims and Hindus, as well as short-term work in Central America, Africa, and Thailand. Josh loves training people to connect and reach out to the nations! Recently, he has also done a lot of work with social media outreach.



00:37 - Introducing Josh Collins

00:45 - Topic: Social Media as a Way to Communicate the Gospel

01:33 - A Family in the City

03:07 - Social Media Outreach Training before the Pandemic

05:00 - Social Media Outreach During Lockdown

06:26 - Where is Social Media Most Fruitful?

07:46 - Two Major Challenges of Ministry in NYC

08:34 - Answering Questions for Women

09:18 - Where Does Social Media Fit into an Outreach Strategy?

10:46 - The Role of Age in Social Media Outreach?

13:12 - The Mechanics of Social Media Outreach

14:51 - Gauging Interest, Follow-up and Cost Effectiveness

17:16 - Reactions Online

18:54 - Responding to Hostile Comments

20:41 - Engaging One on One

23:34 - Helping New Believers Get Connected

25:07 - Helping New Believers Overcome Challenges

26:38 - Biggest Difference in Discipling a New Believer from an Online Connection

28:50 - What Christians Shouldn't Do with Online Ministry?

31:25 - Three Things You Can Do to Share the Gospel Online

31:39 - 1. Sharing as a Church

32:21 - 2. Sharing a Bible Verse from Your Daily Reading

32:43 - 3. Offering Prayer

36:45 - Contacting Josh Collins

37:58 - Joke: A Train of Thought


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