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Going With Your Gut Feeling with Danielle King – 033
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Going With Your Gut Feeling with Danielle King – 033

In today’s episode, Danielle King from LA Urban League of Young Professionals (LAULYP) joins is to discuss growth, moving past challenges and listening to your intuition to live your best life. Danielle was a member of the Phoenix chapter while she lived in Arizona, but didn’t find opportunities to move up within the organization. After moving to Los Angeles, she finally saw the chance to grow, applying for the Community Service Chair and ultimately running for, and winning, President of the Los Angeles Chapter.


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Danielle King


The LA Urban League of Young Professionals is an auxiliary of the LA Urban League. It was established for young professionals to display a commitment to corporate, social, and community contributions. They work to enhance the African-American business climate in Los Angeles and provide entertainment, community service, networking opportunities, and events.



Danielle King and Val Ewudo


Key Topics


Consistent Growth

  • Danielle has seen a rise in individual attendance at their monthly meetings over the course of her presidency.
  • She attributes this to strategizing with her Vice President, Brandon, to come up with a way to get members involved.
  • They made sure that they were out networking and were consistently planning monthly events.
  • The recently held LAULYP Presents: Cashmere and Cocktails Holiday Party which had great success.


Learning How to Lead

  • Danielle has learned that to be a leader, she needs to be flexible.
  • Typically, Danielle is a homebody. However, since becoming president she has committed to stepping outside her comfort zone and going to new events.
  • She recalls one event where she had to reserve a fire pit on the beach by actually going in person, at 6 am, and waiting until the event started at 7 pm.
  • By 8 pm, her energy was depleted, but she realized she couldn’t look the way she felt. In full service mode, she went right back to being a great host.


Listening to Your Intuition

  • While living in Phoenix, Danielle’s sister asked her if she wanted to move with her to LA and she had a gut instinct to say yes but declined.
  • She felt at the time, she was happy and things were going well for her.
  • Very shortly after, the things that Danielle thought were going well for her fell apart – she wasn’t happy anymore.
  • Her sister asked her again and she said yes and moved to LA.
  • If she would have listened to her gut sooner, she would have avoided the pain – but in the end, the pain was the motivator for her to make the move.



Gut Feeling with Danielle King


Key Quotes

An individual who points out a problem, but does absolutely nothing to at least attempt to solve it or try to solve it, is simply complaining. ([9:37])

Don’t let change threaten you. ([26:00])

Listen to your intuition when you know it’s time to change. ([26:07])

When there’s something I’m supposed to do, everything lines up perfectly and it doesn’t make sense as to why. ([28:49])

Val Ewudo and Danielle King


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LAULYP meets every 3rd Thursday from [7:00] PM – [8:30] PM at the Chase Bank at 4401 Crenshaw Blvd 90043.

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