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Episode 47: Career Courage is Calling with Nigel Green
Episode 475th April 2022 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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We get into questions like:

- What happens when there’s more demand for sales talent than there is supply? (04:49)

- Why are companies losing sellers in the first place? (11:00)

- How will you measure your life? (15:02)

- What if the only way to win is to play your own game? (18:26)

- What are Nigel Green’s goals for the year (so we can all hear how it’s done)? (21:55)

- And what does it mean to design a Company of One? (22:04)


Resources mentioned in this episode

- Revenue Harvest (20:20)

- After A Tornado Devastated My Rural Kentucky Community, Something Beautiful Happened by Becky Giles Green (03:05)

- The Art of Community by Charles Vogl (3:41)

- RepVue (12:31)

- RepVue CEO Ryan Walsh Champions Transparency episode (12:31)

- How Will You Manage Your Life by Clayton M. Christenson (14:39)

- Company of One by Paul Jarvis (21:59)

- Mr. Mustache on the Tim Ferris podcast (22:56)

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