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The Frum Entrepreneur - Nachum Kligman 12th July 2015
15: Interview with Avi Singer from Showd.me
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15: Interview with Avi Singer from Showd.me

Great interview with Avi Singer, founder and CEO of Showd.me. Showd.me is a platform for mid-large companies. It’s a social learning platform that allows employees to easily train and learn from other employees across an organization. In this interview we talk about his past work at places like Google and the Blue Man’s group and what lead him to launching Showd.me with all the challenges and successes that come with starting a company.

Name: Avi Singer

Position: Founder & CEO of Showd.me

Company Web Site: Showd.me

LinkedIn: Avi on LinkedIn

Twitter: @avisinger

Avi Singer

People, Companies & Books Mentioned In This Episode:

Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal


Rabbi Elazar M. Teitz

Yeshiva of Far Rockaway

Touro College

Yeshiva Zichron Aryeh

Columbia University

Hofstra University

Double Click


Abigael’s on Broadway

Blueman Group


Professional Career Services – A Division of Agudath Israel

Rabbi Gedaliah Weinberger 



Art of Possibility

The Art of Possibility

Mesivta Ateres Yaakov

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