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The Diagnostic Difference – Life of a Mobile Technician: Freedom and Flexibility [RR 949]
Episode 94926th April 2024 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Thanks to our Partners, AAPEX, NAPA TRACS, and Automotive Management Network Recorded at the 21st annual TST Big Event, Robert Kenny Jr shares his journey from technician to mobile diagnostician and educator. Discussions cover the challenges of technician retention, fair compensation, and the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs). Robert Kenney Jr., Ampd Auto Diagnostic Solutions, and instructor at Hudson Valley Community College.
Show Notes
  • Robert Kenny Jr.'s Career (00:01:03) Overview of Kenny's career and his transition to entrepreneurship.
  • Starting a Shop (00:02:24) Kenny's journey to opening his shop and the obstacles he encountered.
  • Technician Training (00:03:20) The significance of training for technicians and its industry effects.
  • Education and Industry Development (00:03:59) Kenny's role in automotive industry education and growth.
  • Mobile Diagnostic Business Growth (00:06:43) The development of Kenny's mobile diagnostic service and its influence on small shops.
  • Balancing Roles (00:08:00) The challenge of juggling teaching, diagnostics, and shop management.
  • Technician Pay Issues (00:10:03) The problem of technician compensation and its effect on new talent.
  • Accountability and Mentorship (00:11:17) The role of accountability and guidance in business growth.
  • Admitting Failure (00:12:31) The difficulty of acknowledging mistakes and seeking assistance in the field.
  • Mobile Diagnostician Benefits (00:14:16) Advantages of working as a traveling mobile diagnostician.
  • Labor Rate Comparison (00:16:09) Analyzing labor rates and their significance in the industry.
  • Flat Rate System Comparison (00:22:51) Contrasting flat rate systems in various shop types and their technician impact.
  • EV Standards Development (00:24:19) Participation in setting electric vehicle charging standards and curriculum updates.
  • EV Technology Importance (00:25:44) The significance and progress of electric vehicle technology in the sector.
  • Training Importance (00:27:05) The consequences of inadequate training on businesses and the demand for specialists.
  • Robert's Mobile Diagnostic Experience (00:32:12) Kenney shares his enjoyment and insights from his mobile diagnostic venture and time at Gill's Garage.
  • Educational Programs and EV Training (00:32:17) Discussion on Hudson Valley Community College's programs and Bronx Community College's EV class development.
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