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287: Dwight Schools with Brantley Turner
22nd September 2022 • Education On Fire - Sharing creative and inspiring learning in our schools • Mark Taylor
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Drawing on 25 years of China-based work and 10 years as the founding principal of the only Sino-U.S. independent, cooperatively run high school approved by the Ministry of Education in China, Brantley is consistently ahead of conversations that others are having about globalized education for the 21 st Century.

Driven by a belief in the power of disruption, Qibao Dwight is a living laboratory that allows those within it to experiment with the assumptions and world-views that we all hold and the ways those can hinder or empower us to advance.

She is committed to restless innovation in leadership and management, school improvement, and a cutting-edge arts program that drives student outcomes unmatched in China. This unique school setting is used as an example for policymaking in Beijing that shapes education in China and around the world.

Brantley is recognized for her pioneering work with East-West school leadership and impeccable Chinese communication skills.


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