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230 Financial Freedom through the Seven Chakras with Leisa Peterson
2nd December 2020 • The Well Woman Show • Giovanna Rossi: wellness and leadership coach
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On the show this week I talk with Leisa Peterson, a Sedona-based author, business growth strategist, money expert, mindset coach, and podcaster, all about financial freedom. She is an internationally recognized authority on bridging the gap between financial freedom and human spiritual potential. Leisa draws from biology, neuroscience, philosophy, spiritual teachings, and psychology to help people understand scarcity and prosperity in new ways. She’s witnessed thousands of money breakthroughs and financial healings as a result of the process she explores in her book, The Mindful Millionaire.

We discuss:

  • How you can change your financial future, no matter your past.
  • How you can use the seven chakras to create financial Freedom.
  • How the prosperity ladder works.

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The book Leisa is reading is The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnell, Director of the International Human Design School, and Ra Uru Hu, Founder of The Human Design System

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