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156: Reflecting with Mariska Nell
Episode 15630th May 2022 • Mama Earth Talk • Mariska Nell
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Reflecting on the Mama Earth Talk podcast and sharing my top interviews and tips if you are new to zero waste, the podcast or just would love a little recap on some of the great guests we had on the podcast. From Dr Sylivia Earle, Rob Greenfield, Zero waste royalty Bea Johnson, Gary Vayberchuck’s Chief heart officer, Claude Silver, Columbia University Director Dr Steven Cohen to Eco with Em and many more.

Links from the episodes:

3 Podcast to get you started if you are new to zero waste:

002: Top Tip Thursday on Living More Sustainable Using The 5R’s with Mariska Nell 

004: Top Tip Thursday Reducing Waste In The Kitchen with Mariska Nell 

008: Top Tip Thursday Reducing Waste In The Bathroom with Mariska Nell 

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3 of my favorite episodes with great guests:

143: How To Save Our Oceans With Dr. Sylvia Earle 

149: How to have Energy on Purpose with Indira Dejtiar 

123: How One Womans Artivism Is Creating A Ripple Of Change With Emily Ehlers 

Some other amazing guests that we had on the podcast that I mentioned in this episodes:

139: How One Movement is making a ripple effect of change with Petrice Jones 

135: How Flow Hive is “beeing” the change with Stuart Anderson 

133: How My Farm Dubai built an eco system not just a food system with Mohamed Aissaoui

132: How a minimalist lifestyle can maximize our wellness with Becca Shern 

128: How an urban harvester is bringing awareness to the food crisis with Matt Homewood 

126: How To Live A Low Tox Life With Alexx Stuart 

119: How 1 Million Women is making a difference with Natalie Isaacs 

107: How a zero-waste chef turns waste into amazing food with Anne-Marie Bonneau 

105: How one dude is making a difference with Rob Greenfield 

102: How Big Green is bringing the focus on food back to schools with Tighe Brown 

029: How the Zero Waste Queen started her journey with Bea Johnson 



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