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The Turning Point With Dan Maw - Daniel Maw 22nd March 2017
Learn To Trust Yourself and Be Comfortable With That with Arvin Khamseh
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Learn To Trust Yourself and Be Comfortable With That with Arvin Khamseh

Arvin Khamseh, bilingual performance hacker, understands we are more than our perceived limitations. An advocate for personal development, he feels deeply for those who are struggling to live their passions. He works with a wide variety of professions, from tech consultants to dentists, Internet marketers to meditation gurus. Across the board, his message is the same: Feel the fear, and do it anyways. Arvin helps clients cut out the activities, responsibilities, and relationships standing between them and their goals. His guidance inspires others to transform their dreams into careers, and connect with their deepest purpose.


His shining example encourages everybody to be a positive force for change in their own lives. Under his guidance individuals are asked to challenge their limitations, embrace their personal power and elevate their lifestyle.

Arvin demonstrates the same unflappable courage in his personal life! As an improvisational comedian he understands the fear of stepping into the unknown, and the rush that accompanies success, on both personal and professional levels.


Arvin’s Key Points


  1. All of the opposing views around you will not reflect what you’re thinking or feeling.
  2. When you have the vision of your idea, not everyone around you will see it’s potential like you do.
  3. Learn to trust yourself and be comfortable with that.


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Top Quotes


  • Tony Robbins had an island and I wanted an island too.
  • I didn’t know anyone in my social circles that didn’t do what their parents did.
  • I was going to all the conferences and reading all the newspapers, even contributing.
  • I surrounded myself by all these dentists.
  • I did it because I wanted to make that, that was my thing and I was all in.
  • Was this my thing or my Dad’s thing and I had to figure that out.
  • Overtime I wanted to share with someone what I was doing, it never felt right.
  • I had the opportunity to meet Tony Robinson.
  • Being happy wasn’t my goal, being safe was my goal and that’s not a good thing.
  • I was dreading making the decision of being self-reliant.
  • I had to go inwards and think about what I wanted.
  • If I do just trust myself, I can fail and figure it out.
  • I was in an environment of people who wanted a guaranteed path and when I came out of that
  • I saw everyone that wasn’t on that same path.
  • Now I’ve been on the other side of coaching, it’s great to see other people with so much passion.
  • You can get a lot more help when you take actions yourself.
  • I alter peoples life functions.
  • Life function include, sleeping, eating and exercising.
  • I was picking up random project to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
  • I started telling people what I do for free.


Key Timestamps


  • [0:35] – Being a dentist
  • [7:50] – When I met Tony Robbins
  • [11:22] – Making a decision for the right thing
  • [14:33] – Making the transition
  • [16:19] – The hardest part of making my decision
  • [21:10] – Doing what you want
  • [25:28] – Helping others become superhuman’s
  • [28:27] – Was it worth it?
  • [30:20] – Guest links