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The Remarkable Value of a Living Legacy
23rd May 2018 • Vault to Investment Real Estate Success Podcast • W. Rick Harris
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Show Notes:

Tiffany has been a full-time investor since 2005 and speaks and trains Investors on stages across Canada and the US. Having bought over 100 properties for their investment, Corey and Tiffany know what Investors need, even if they don’t know themselves.

Tiffany enjoys coaching others to get beyond the mental and financial hurdles that keep people out of investing. Helping others learn how to raise Joint Venture cash is one of her biggest passions.

Having set up and managed the in-house team that led their portfolio for the last 12 years, her knowledge of Property Management, as well as the rental market, is second to none. From assessing realistic market rents and tenant demographics to tips and tricks of property management that can only be learned by being in the trenches on a large scale, to the ins and outs of the Residential Tenancy Act of Alberta.

Tiffany is well versed in what it takes to be a good landlord while at the same time setting reasonable limits so that a good work/life balance are found.

She is a monthly contributor and expert for TV, Print and radio across the country for investing and market knowledge.  Speaking to thousands of investors a year from stages across Canada, she is excited every time, to help change people’s results.

She helps spearhead the national team of Award Winning Investor On Fire Preferred REALTORS® that help investors find quality properties from Victoria to St John’s…helping keep the emotions out, the numbers foremost and the expectations realistic.

Her interests include running, yoga, snowboarding, dirt-biking, hiking, fishing, gardening and time with family and friends. Though, a good book makes for stiff competition to any of the above.

Instructive and Informative Learning in Our Interview with Tiffany Young ( What Tiffany will share)

Tiffany; thanks again for joining us; on Vault to Investment Real Estate Success Podcast.

In my upcoming book; Vault to Investment Real Estate Success I focus on three critical areas of investment real estate; building a strong financial foundation, unlocking sustainable wealth and creating a living legacy.

What is it that makes you so passionate about this? 

Regarding investment real estate you talk about a pattern; can you explain when you say you’ve seen a trend, can you describe that pattern? (answer to above question refers to model)


What do you think your family and friends think of you investing in investment real estate?

What’s the difference between cash flow and wealth?

Top Tip for helping an investor stay in long enough for legacy wealth?

How has your investment real estate helped you create a living legacy; right now, while you are still a part of this world?

Good Friend of mine talks about leaving evidence that you were in this world; what does this mean to you?

What will your legacy look like because of investment real estate?

What positive markers would you like to leave behind?

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Mentioned in this episode:

Book - 31 Days to Purchasing and Renting Your First Investment Rea Estate Property

This book's core is Rick's commitment to boosting your financial foundation, unlocking sustainable wealth, and creating a living legacy that will benefit you and your loved ones for generations to come. What you can accomplish in thirty-one days will challenge and amaze you - and the return will pay dividends for life.




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