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Episode 21 – with special guest, Matt Heard: “How to have a Life with a Capital L.”
9th August 2016 • Your Blessed Life • Jay Maresh
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“Life with a capital L has everything with me engaging with purpose, significance and meaning, therefore it gives me insight to the larger story.”

I would like to welcome back to the show, Matt heard! In episode 21 we are going to talk about…

– How to satisfy your longings.

– What is a temporal pursuit and what is a eternal pursuit?

– What is your role in the story of your life?

– What does it mean to restore your humanity?

– How ‘giving life away’ positions you for more life.

– How to start living Life with a Capital L.

– How to move into each day more intentionally.

– how to experience eternal life, today!

– Below is a link to Matt’s amazing book, “Life with a Capital L.”

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