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77 – Mobile Filmmaking Special Pt 2, with FiLMic Pro’s, Neill Barham
Episode 778th June 2018 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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In part two of our special on mobile filmmaking for the doc filmmaker, we decided to go right to the source: FiLMic Pro‘s, CEO & found, Neill Barham. And he did not let down. If you have ever even had so much as a thought to making your next doc with you mobile device, than boy is this ever the episode for you.


Neill spoke to us fresh off of Mojofest in Galway, Ireland as well as Apple’s World Developer’s Conference in California. And what he had to say on the subject of mobile filmmaking went beyond all of my expectations for the episode.


Topics Discussed

  • How & why mobile filmmaking is so appropriate for the doc filmmaker
  • Neill’s journey from indie filmmaker to founder of FiLMiC Pro
  • Gear & accessory suggestions for the first-time mobile filmmaker
  • How & why FiLMiC Pro is aimed for the pro filmmaker
  • When mobile filmmaking stops being mobile filmmaking


Related Sources

° Neill Barham at NAB 2018

° Philip Bloom Article

Philip Bloom – you’re heard of him, no? – first blogged about the brilliance of FiLMiC Pro back in 2009. You can read that article here.


° Sennheiser “Memory Mic”

In the episode, Neill mentions Sennheiser’s unveiling of their Memory Mic at this year’s NAB. It is a wireless lav that automatically syncs up to FiLMiC Pro’s app. Read about this beauty here .


° Richard Lackey

Richard Lackey did a great video talking about how to get great exposure using an iPhone and the FiLMiC Pro app. Wonderful information to help you maximize your low light situations!


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