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Comedians on South High - 511 South High Media EPISODE 14
Mister Kenny’s Neighborhood
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Mister Kenny’s Neighborhood

Comedians discuss

  • tips on saving money including food drives,
  • special utensils,
  • spam,
  • Bobbie’s sugar toast,
  • and locking Jared in the back of a truck.

How did the comedians celebrate New Years?

Why did Missy, this week’s guest, wake up naked and covered in cats?

Can anyone of us handle fireball?

Super Kenny is a fun drunk, but did he really karaoke Nice and Slow by Usher?

Ever wonder what song the comedians would sing if they were in a million dollar karaoke competition?

Wonder no more and tune in now to hear the comedians karaoke No Dignity, This Is How We Do It, Carry On Wayward Son, And Our Feelings, Toto, Never Gonna Give You Up, Free Bird, and of the course the notorious Elmo Song.

Comedians on South high with your host Jared Blinsky featuring comedians Jason Banks, Kenny Mock, and Bobbie Dodds.

Recorded at Channel 511, a production of 511 South High Media LLC.