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59 – Stud Dog Management #4: Foreign Affairs – Critical Tips Before You Import or Export Semen
28th April 2017 • Pure Dog Talk • Laura Reeves
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Foreign Affairs - Critical Tips to Know Before Import or Export of Semen

Every country has different requirements for import and export of semen and are constantly changing the rules!

Blood Tests

Some require blood testing prior to collection, some after collection, some after a waiting period. If that wasn't enough, the tests vary and even the dilutions of the "standard" tests vary.

Ship the Stuff with an Expert

Sirius is one of the most recommended import/export all-in-one services for shipping semen safely.

Critical Tips to Consider 3-6 Months Prior to Shipping

  • Group Shipments - Planning ahead allows for group shipping with considerable savings.  Solo shipments can range around $2,500.
  • Plan up to 6 months ahead - there are quarantine requirements, USDA requirements, and lots of paperwork
  • Cryrodrum - NEVER USE! Use a dry vapor shipper with aluminum tank, shipped in outer fiberglass and with a shipper rated for 21 days.  Yes, you have to pay round trip shipping on the tank, but better than dead swimmers.
  • Fees on both ends - Someone familiar with procedure has to receive the shipment and work with authorities on acceptance
  • Microchips are essential for most countries as permanent identification
  • Collection vet (in U.S.) has to be currently accredited with USDA
  • Get copies of foreign collections reports for review PRIOR to contracting the semen
  • Ask Sirius for recommendations for collection in another country - get an experienced referral

Why Sirius Fertility?... Service!

Not just a great interview but Sirius handles all the paperwork and timing of tests and shipping.  The Stud Dog owner just needs to follow the directions of when to make appointments. Sirius handles the AKC registration and DNA so the litter can be registered.

New Gene Pool Horizons - Russia

Russian just opened up for import and export of semen.  Most other countries are also on track to approve or consider import and export. Just think of the gene pool opportunities in countries that breeders have not had access to. As Bill McFadden would say: