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The Efficient Plant Podcast - Efficient Plant 12th April 2020
The Safety Side of IIoT Sensors
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The Safety Side of IIoT Sensors

The benefits of using sensors and IIoT technology are well documented in terms of implementing predictive and prescriptive maintenance, improving parts management, and greatly increasing overall reliability and profitability. What is not always considered is that IIoT/sensor technology also plays a major role in improving plant safety. In this podcast, we talk with ABB’s (us.abb.com) Artur Rdzanek about the safety role of sensors, where to place them for maximum advantage, and the various benefits you can realize from this technology.

Artur Rdzanek is a Global Product Manager for ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc., Greenville, SC (us.abb.com), focused on sensor products for Dodge mechanical power transmission products. He has nearly 20 years of product management and manufacturing experience. Rdzanek holds B.S. and M.S degrees in Automatics and Robotic Engineering from Lodz University, Poland, and an Executive MBA from Warsaw-Illinois University, Warsaw, Poland.