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ParentEd - Focus on the Family Singapore EPISODE 9, 10th June 2020
How I Learnt To Let Go and Let My Husband Be The Dad My Children Needs

How I Learnt To Let Go and Let My Husband Be The Dad My Children Needs

With more time spent with their children, Mums seem to know best and Dads can often be found on the sidelines in parenting, regardless whether it’s their choice or not.

However, is Mum's way really the best way? How do Dads really feel about this?

Join Aaron Ng of Focus on the Family Singapore, in this podcast interview with husband-and-wife, Marcus and Joy Cheng, as they recount their journey in parenting their two teenage sons.

Marcus is an educator with the Ministry of Education, and is currently a Year Head at a local primary school. He was formerly an Air Traffic Controller with the Republic of Singapore Air Force. His interest in sharing knowledge and guiding others started when he observed his mother giving tuition to needy children in his neighbourhood.

Joy is an entrepreneur who has been running Music Solutions, a music education business that provides programmes for schools and preschools for the past 20 years. She also work with seniors and children with special needs. With a passion for the arts, she hopes to see lives transformed through her work.

For more details about the Father's Day campaign featured in this episode, visit Stronger with Dad.

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